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Totally the best serum so far! ✨💛

TIAM Vita B3 Source 30ml


Scent : ꕥ Unscented.


Texture : ꕥ Lightweight formula creates the layers nicely under other skincare products and makeup without pilling.


How to Use : 

ꕥ Can be used AM or PM.

ꕥ Patch test is advised before using on face.

ꕥ Apply an appropriate amount after toning.

ꕥ Start slowly. Use 2~3 times a week and gradually increase the frequency.


Verdict : 

ꕥ This serum is watery & does absorbs into my skin after patting a few times. It brightens my skin, reduces the red spots on my skin, balances out my skin by reducing sebum and hydrates my skin.  It is also hydrating on days I don't use moisturiser. It doesn't irritate my skin or cause clogged pores. In fact, the oil control features of niacinamide reduce acne breakouts. I use this daily and I think it is a gentle serum for everyday!


Thank you @tiam_global for sending me this 🌞 set in exchange to give my honest reviews ❤




Vita B3 Source